About Ingrid

The human body – its movements and subjective stories – is my artistic passion. In my art projects, I always start by examining the subject. I mirror what I see and thus I must feel and understand the motive before creating my own interpretations. In Photoshop I work with colour schemes, I play with textures and motifs when creating my own visual universe in my photographic collages. Light, darkness and passion. I paint with my camera. My work is inspired by the renaissance painters refined techniques – with a focus on the classic structure of background, middle ground and main subject. I am amazed by their ability to manipulate light and darkness as well as their passion for dense expression. This is why I use the dramatic effect of contrasts when I create shapes and narratives in my photographs.

Photo artist

Solo exhibitions:

The Italian Cultural Institute, The Soulful Tree, Hellerup, September 2017

Scandinavian Arts & Crafts Hokuonotakumi, Between the Lines, Tokyo, Japan, February 7-12 & October 10-15 2017

Perm State Art Gallery, Cycle Perm, Perm, Russia, May 9 – June 9 2017

Museet Holmen, The Soulful Tree, Løgumkloster, May 6 – June 11 2017

Huset i Asnæs, The Sensual Being, Asnæs, April 14-22 2017

Vernissage, The Olive Tree, Frederiksberg, November 17 2016

Cobrarummet at Sophienholmen, Under Water, Kgs. Lyngby, October 16-23 2016

Fuglsanghus, Ingrid Bugge Retrospective, Hørsholm, July 23 – August 21 2016

Copenhagen Photo FestivalThe three Giants, Copenhagen, May 19 – June 12 2016

Galleri Ingrid BuggeVenus Catcher, Frederiksberg, December 10 – January 14 2016

Galleri Kunsthuset på Frederiksberg, selected works. Frederiksberg, February 26 – Marts 18 2015

Galleri Belle, selected works. Vejle, Marts 22 2015.

Asterions Hus, selected works. Copenhagen, August – December 2014

KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad, The Essence of Ballet. Silkeborg, May – September 2014

Det Nationale Fotomuseum/Den Sorte DiamantBetween the Lines– Søren Kierkegaard, November-December 2013

Løgumkloster Refugium, Between the Lines– Søren Kierkegaard. Løgum, November-December 2013

Det Kongelige Teaters Gamle SceneThe Essence of Ballet. Copenhagen, April 2013

Byens Hegn på Kongens Nytorv, selected works from The Essence of Ballet. Copenhagen April – October 2013

Paludans Galleri, selected works. Copenhagen, October 2011

Copenhagen Photo FestivalMermaids. Copenhagen, June 2011

Fotocaféen København, selected works. Copenhagen, April 2011

Refshalen musikforening / Refshalen Festival 2010, selected works. Copenhagen, November 2010

SkabelonloftetThe Sensual Being. Copenhagen, July 2010

Copenhagen Photo Festival, The Sensual Being. Copenhagen, May 2010


Group exhibitions:

Den Kongelige Skydebane SølystThe Olive Tree, August 2016

Lys Over Lolland, selected works, Sakskøbing, September 2015

Gallery Hokuonotakumi, Between the Lines – Søren Kierkegaard, Ginza, Tokyo, October – November 2013

Galleri Knud Grothe Charlottenlund, selected works from The Essence of Ballet, Charlottenlund 2013

Copenhagen Photo FestivalIn The Blue, Copenhagen, June 2012

Galleri Kedelrummet i Gilleleje, selected works, Gilleleje, September 2012

LithoArt, selected works curated by art dealer Kristina Stokkebro, Hellerup, December 2010

SkabelonloftetOpen Doors, Copenhagen, November 2010

Galleri Kunsthuset FrederiksbergSensual Landscapes – curated by art dealer Svend Andreasen, Frederiksberg, October 2010

Ljungberg Museum“Portrait”, Ljungby, Sweden, June – August 2010

Danmarks Portræt Museum / Det Nationalhistoriske Museum Frederiksborg SlotPortrait Now– i regi af Brygger J.C. Jacobsens Portrætpris, Hillerød, May-October 2009


Art Associations:

Kunstforeningen i Capgemini Sogeti – selected works, Vallensbæk Strand 2016

Sct. Kjelds Gårds Kunstforening, selected works. Copenhagen, Denmark August 2015

Vestforbrændning, selected works. Ejby, Denmark April – May 2015

FTF, selected works. Copenhagen, Denmark April 2015

The Danish Bankers Association, selected works. Copenhagen, Denmark March – April 2015

Hvidovre Muncipality, selected works. Hvidovre, Denmark January 2015

Kromann Reumert Kunstforening, selected works. Copenhagen, Denmark  January 2015

BASF, selected works. Copenhagen, Denmark Oktober 2014

KL Kunstforening, selected works. Copenhagen Oktober 2014

Danish Ministry of Environment, selected works. Copenhagen, Denmark September 2014

Bascon, selected works. Gentofte, Denmark March – June 2013

DAB, selected works. Frederiksberg, Denmark October 2012

FL Smidt, selected works. Valby, Denmark April 2012

Copenhagen Municipality, selected works. Copenhagen, Denmark April 2011


Ballettens Indre Rum // The Essence of Ballet, Ingrid Bugge, CPH Art Publishing, 2014

The Essence of Ballet – Painting with my camera. Multi-touch iBook. Ingrid Bugge

Overgivelse, katalog til udstilligen Overgivelse i Grundtvigs Kirken sep. 2011

Decoration projects:

Silkeborg Business College, 2016

Poul Johansen Maskiner. Three large wall decorations for Engin Hall 4

The Danish Royal Theater. Selected works from The Essence of Ballet

University of Copenhagen. The Words of Mathematics. Three photographic collages and three video works

Grundtvigs Church. Surrender. Seven large photographic collages for each church nave.

Consultancy and directorships:

Director of Theatre Asterions House, 2015

Initiator and planner of the New Culture Salon. A meeting place for artists in Copenhagen every second month with contributions from eg. creative director Christian Have, curator Lars Schwander, artist Mette Høst and artist Lars Kræmmer, 2012

Filmmaker and artistic consultant at The Tycho Brahe Planetarium, 2012

Member of the board – Netværftet, which supports and develop the network among artist at Refshaleøens, 2010-2011

Member of the board – Selskabet. A scenic meeting place for artists and other artistic forces, 2009

Freelance photographer for eg. DR, Weekendavisen, BT, National Museum of Denmark, Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Wonderful Copenhagen, Kunde og Co., Roskilde Festival, Asterions House, Teatret Sorte hest, Egmont Magazines, HK Danish Red Cross, as well as an abundance of private customers, 1989


Den Danske Ambassade i Moskva – Thomas Winkler

Det Danske Kultur institut – Michael Metz Mørk

Det Kongelige Teater – Den Kongelige Ballet – Nikolaj Hübbe

Dansk Danse teater – Tim Rushton leder af Dansk Danse Teater

Tycho Brahes Planetarium – Direktør Peter O. Sevel

DTU Space – Astrofysiker Michael Linden Vørnle

Københavns Universitet – Center for symmetri og denformation – Professor Nathalie Wahl

Matematik professor John Donaldson

Matematikcenter – Direktør Julia Ivanova

Golden Days – Direktør Ulla Tofte

Niels Bohr Institutet – astrofysiker Anja C. Andersen

Awards and grants:

Nominated for the Nordic Portrait Prize

Nominated for Japan Price for best innovative cross-media production

Winner of the Prix Italia Web for special poetic visual presentation of H.C Andersen

Winner of Prix Europa Special Award for an innovative visual communication


Det Kongelige Teater


Indre by lokaludvalg

Augustinus Fonden

Knud Højgaards Fond

Ernst B. Sund Fonden

Konsul George Jorck og Hustru Emma Jorck’s Fond

Københavns Universitet

Danmarks Grundforskningsfond

Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond


DJFotografernes Ophavsretsfond