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In Aquamorphosis, which is an underwater photography project, man and ocean melts together in a mythical, dense underwater universe. I use the underwater photography to visualize our emotional states. Captured under water the human body floats in a poetic, dreamy space – far away from the mundane life. Aquamorphosis has given birth to two series: Mermaids and BLUE.

The dreamy and poetic expression of underwater-choreographed dance inspired me to create Mermaids. In Mermaids dancers are floating in a dreamy under water space – united in an embrace and parting again. My intention was to create photographs that are equivalent to the renaissance oil paintings. The principles of the classic painting technique ‘clariobscuro’ by the renaissance painter Michelangelo have been used in the digital editing process of the photographs. BLUE depicts two lovers; the trust, intimacy and presence that exists in their interaction.


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