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Cyclus Copenhagen

– Work in Progress –

Cyclus Copenhagen combines dance photography and the works of Auguste Rodin. People say that a sculpture is dance turned to stone. In no other sculptures is dance as present as in artist Auguste Rodin’s works. His stone, clay and bronze sculptures contain so many movements and emotions, which is what I try to portray via a number of dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet in the art project Cyclus Copenhagen. I enter Rodin’s universe and through my photographic collages capture the dance in the stone.

Rodin´s sculptures have almost become mythical figures: The Thinker, The Kiss, The Gates of Hell and Balzac. I create eight new pieces through the ballet dancers improvised interpretation, which reinterpret the movements of the sculpture and put them in a modern context. Cyclus Copenhagen takes the audience on a visual journey through Rodin’s universe. The new interpretation awakens the fascination for the sculptures and brings in a new perspective.