Cyclus Perm

The dance photo art project, Cyclus Perm, is A collaboration conceived between Ingrid Bugge, the Perm Opera Ballet and the Perm State Art Gallery.

A sculpture is a dance cast in stone. It is from this point of departure visual artist Ingrid Bugge gives life to the christian wooden sculptures at Perm State Art Gallery.

In the creation of Cyclus Perm, the seven chosen sculptures are connected to seven touch point in The Holy Bible. All together they create a new version of the salvation story.

The Perm Opera Ballet dancers were given documents, containing pictures of the wooden sculptures, quotes from the bible and pieces of classical music to set the tone, working their method and style into the material in collaboration with Bugge´s camera work.

“Dance is a subtle wordless language, revealing nuances and emotions otherwise invisible. I follow the dance with my camera, capturing the moments which construct the greater story of Cyclus Perm. From these, I begin the interpretations in the form of seven photo collages and video art.”
– Ingrid Bugge




The project is ongoing, and evolves through four layers – original wooden sculptures, photo collages, video art and choir music:

The choir is a tool through which composer Igor Mashukov and artist Ingrid Bugge use to convey the direct quotes from the bible, as a form of storytelling mediating the harsh yet divine messages within the phrases interpreted by the dancers.

The human voice holds a simplicity and a physicality to it, which may bring the art piece closer to its viewer. The choice of vocals without words as direct descendents of the soul, a pure and uncontaminated bond to the divine – the voice as a message, as a tool within creation.

The symbolism runs, as a silver lining through Bugge´s work in Cyclus Perm. The seven photo collages derived from the interpretations of the dancers are color coordinated with the tradition of Russian icon making, as well as the prominent existence of colours in the bible.

The numbers three and seven, which recur in Cyclus Perm, are not coincidental as they convey the relation between the sculptures and the biblical phrases. They are powerful typological numbers, archetypally embedded in us as conveying some what of divinity. The three rooms are creating perfect symmetry, just as the divine trinity, housing the three series of seven pieces in each room. Seven, as a sign of wholeness and perfection, the seven days of creation or the seven heavens, foundation of the word of god.

A symmetry is created between the different elements of the installation. The simultaneous perception of photo collages accompanied by music and biblical quotes is shown in the main room, while video art pieces are played parallely and repetitively in the side rooms. This allows Cyclus Perm to constructs a sensory universe, engaging with all levels of body and mind: The dance in the video art, gives the viewer a language of physical emotion without words which touches the body. The photography creates the story and a detailed world, that is absorbed through our eyes and accompanied by music for our ears, using pure vocals that sinks into the soul.

“Cyclus perm is an attempt to actualize God´s presence through the stories, so that the modern spectator can feel them. Art is a method which makes people think. Think of life. Think of Spirit. Think in a new, unprecedented way.”