Words of Mathematics

I met John Donaldson at an interview at Herlufsholm School. He opened a new view on mathematic for me. A language that describe our chaos and structure, a drunk man walking, a ball through the air, dimensions beyond my imagination, Fibonacci who created his formula of beauty etc. Suddenly I was drawn into the fascinating world of mathematics

Words of Mathematics is an interdisciplinary art decoration project made for The Centre for Symmetry and Deformation, Department of Mathematical Sciences at The University of Copenhagen in 2013. The project challenges the traditional dissemination of mathematical knowledge by creating a visual and sensory experience of mathematical terms and concepts. Words of Mathematic combines scientific method and artistic practice and is developed in collaboration with Dr. of Mathematics Nathalie Wahl (Dep. of Mathematics, University of Copenhagen) and Dr. of Mathematics John Donaldson.







The project was presented in the hall of the University of Copenhagen on the 28th of august 2013. You can read more about the project here (new window).

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Mathematics provides us with a language to describe the patterns and structures upon which our world is constructed. The starting point of the  project is to translate the language and insights of mathematics into a visual art experience. To illustrate the mathematics in our daily lives the project highlights three concepts: symmetric patterns, C * algebra and ‘The Golden Ratio’. Take for example a mosaic. Besides being a beautiful interior decoration it is also a complex symmetric pattern.