The Three Giants

The Three Giants

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May 19 2016

Ingrid Bugge Galleri, Halls Allé 4, 1802 Frederiksberg C

Ingrid Bugge focuses her camera in search for the essence of things. She explores the nature of form, body and human knowledge in her photography, giving it a sensual dreamlike feeling. By editing her photographs with digital tools, she approaches them as digital paintings, using light, texture, materiality, space, movement and form in order to reveal the essence of her chosen subject.

Bugge´s study through the camera transcends the moment of photography and captures the viewer, inviting it to share this dream reality she creates. Ingrid´s subject is due to a close and intimate research. Additionally, Bugge finally presents it to us as a picture collage that she edits to perfection.

The main focus of this exhibition will be three pieces, also known as The Three Giants , which have made their way from the Royal theater into Bugge´s Gallery.The giants are a part of the initial series of The Essence of Ballet, shown for the first time at The Art Center Silkeborg Bad in 2014:

The Unsung – up and The unsung- fallen, 2014
The Unsung is a ballet inspired by the native Americans. It is a ballet with no music or scenography, in which ingrid had chosen to add a scenography of her own- the desert in Utah, emphasizing her interpretation of the ballet story telling: discussing themes such as strength, fear and weakness, thoughts which are timeless, everlasting and primal, in some way archetypal.

The Lesson, 2014
A ballet by Flemming Flindt, discussing a ballerina being manipulated by her teacher during a lesson. It creates a harsh atmosphere, until eventually killing her. The picture describes the murder scene of the ballerina, and ultimately the killing of the spirit, and of an artist.

In this series, taken in collaboration with the Danish Royal Ballet, Bugge explores The Essence of Ballet. She studies the expressions of the most condensed moments of ballet performances, but also of the human body and soul.

I have the honor of working alongside Ingrid, and to curate this exhibition, which will present a spectrum of Bugge´s work, ranging from digital photography collages from the series The Essence of Ballet, Words of Mathematics, Surrender, Visionarium and Between the Lines as well as a temporary Video art installation from her work on Aquamorphosis.

“On behalf of Ingrid Bugge, I am delighted to invite you to her gallery.”

– Narin Zimbalista

The exhibition was open for public at Bugge’s gallery at Halls Allé 4. It was held at the 19th of May 2016.