Huset in Asnæs

Huset in Asnæs

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Apr. 22 – Maj 14 2017

Storegade 31, 4550 Asnæs

I followed The Royal Danish Ballet closely over a period of two years. I got under the skin of the dancers; their challenges, their victories, the stories they so passionately tell with their bodies, and the secret adventures that happens behind the curtain. I got a deep understanding of the world of ballet and the classic tales the dancers unfold. All of that resulted in the art project and art book The Essence of Ballet.

The Sensual Being is an investigation of the female sensuality – alone and with a man. Portraying the naked body reveals a poetic purity and becomes an expression of the inner essence. Through the photography and the staging of nudity the naked body becomes a moving, poetic and expressive sculpture