APOLLO at Geological Museum

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Autumn 2019

The film “Apollo” is Ingrid Bugge’s art project, which in the occasion of the moon landing’s 50th anniversary celebrates the first man on the moon. Based on photo and film material from NASA, Bugge seeks to revitalize the Apollo 11 mission by creating a film that poetically tells about the journey to the moon. A new story is created by dissolving the astronauts’ Hasselblad photographs and film strips. The film shows the pearls of the universe and touches on themes that include humanity, space technology, moon textures and materials, infinity and the fragility we are confronted with being small in a large universe.

The film Apollo is part of Visionarium, Ingrid Bugge’s artistic research of the universe. Read more about the project here.

In autumn 2019 the film will be shown as video projection and as a part of lectures with Professor in Astrophysics Anja C Andersen and Astrophysicist Michael Linden Vørnle.


Hasselblad recordings taken by the astronauts in 1969.

Teaser videos