Artist Talks

Ingrid Bugge offers five different artist talks about her fine art photography projects: I Paint with my Camera, The Essence of Ballet, Words of Mathematics, The Soul of the Tree and VISIONARIUM. Read more about the different talks below. Each talk last about 1,5 hour, but we can tailor a talk specifically to your needs. For booking and prices please contact

artist talks

I Paint with my Camera:

In this talk Ingrid Bugge will take you on a journey through a number of her fine art photography projects.  She will tell you why and how she creates her photographs. Also, you will hear about some of her favourite anecdotes from her many travels. As an artist she has travelled around the world: gathered inspiration and worked with many creative people. She has gained the understanding of different cultures from around the world. She will share those experiences with you.

The Essence of Ballet:  Bugge followed the Royal Danish Ballet for two years. From her observations, she created a collection of collages that captured the soul of the dancers. It came out as an art book, an exhibition, and an art film and  consists of 63 pieces.

Between the Lines: In this art project Bugge has interpreted seven of Søren Kierkegaard’s essays about existential concepts such as anxiety, despair and happiness. In this project the handwritten texts melts into a collection of underwater photographs of bodies in motion.

Words of Mathematics: Bugge made this project in collaboration with Copenhagen University. The idea was to grasp mathematics as a language and visualize it, so that it becomes more than just formulars.

Surrender: Bugge decorated the cathedral Grundvigs Kirke in Copenhagen using the theme surrender. The idea was to explore what it means to surrender. Moreover, how do people relate to the word as well as the concept.

The Essence of Ballet:

The two years Ingrid Bugge spend with The Royal Danish Ballet has made a mark in her.  The virtuosic art of ballet left Bugge with deep respect and understanding. It takes passion, talent and persistence to perform this art of ballet.

In this talk she will tell you stories from her time at The Royal Ballet and how it affected her work. Ingrid Bugge will talk about ballet as an expression. She will give you an insight into the process of the art project as well as the challenges that happens along the way.  This talk is a unique opportunity to get insights about her artistic practice. Furthermore, you will hear about the hidden adventures that unfold behind the scenes at a royal ballet. Read more about The Essence of Ballet.

Words of Mathematics: 

In this talk Ingrid Bugge will tell you about the scientific and interdisciplinary decoration project,  Words of Mathematics. Bugge made this project with two math professors from Copenhagen University, Nathalie Wahl and John Donaldson.  Ingrid Bugge will provide you with insight into the artistic process and the interdisciplinary collaboration with the academic and scientific world. She will also tell you about her unique experience in using art as a means to communicate scientific research. Words of Mathematics blur the lines between art and science and challenge the traditional way of communicating mathematics. Read more about   Words of Mathematics.

The Soul of the Tree: 

In this talk, Bugge and Vigga Bro (actor and storyteller) will tell you about their joint fine art project:The   Soul of the Tree. They created this project with the award winning olive farmer, Catullo Manciocchi. They have all contributed to this art project that explore the souls and creatures living in trees. Likewise,  old myths, adventurous dryads and the bucolic scenery of Italy inspire them.

Our interpretation resulted in a collection of photographs. Also, you can detect the soul of lonely warriors, lovers and mystic creatures in the photographs. The pieces will be accompanied by Vigga Bro’s incredible stories.

Finally, Ingrid Bugge will tell you about how a story turns into art. Especially, the connection between art and nature, and artistic collaboration. This is a tactile event and will go very well with food or olive oil-tasting. Read more about The Soul of theTree.


Ingrid Bugge talks about the near, the distant, the remote and the beauty of the universe. VISIONARIUM itself is an artistic study of the universe using photo-collages, sourcing documentary photographs collected from NASA and ESA, to create new art that explores space and observation through visual art, video and sound-work. Bugge can talk about the abstraction of the universe which surrounds us, and how she placed astrological objects and phenomena into new visual frameworks to experience up close. 

Bugge’s interest in astrophysics resulted in a collaboration between her and the internationally acclaimed professor and research scientist Anja C. Andersen from the Dark Cosmology Center, at the Niels Bohr Institute. Andersens unique knowledge about astrophysics has led her to function as guide in the beginning of the project. Bugge can talk about what it is like to work across the disciplines of science and the arts, to create artistic collaborations.

Read more about the art project VISIONARIUM.