Cyclus Perm

Cyclus Perm Cyclus Perm is a unique art project with its heart around the cooperation with 6 principal dancers from the Russian Ballet. Bugge worked together with the dancers from the Perm Opera Ballet, on an interpretation of 7 ancient … Read More


  Visionarium A cross-over project between the worlds of astrophysics and art. Ingrid Bugge and astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen have come together to create VISIONARIUM 2014-2020. Visionarium focuses on the near, the distant and the remote. It is an artistic … Read More

The Sensual Being

The Sensual Being The Sensual Being is a fine art photography project. Also, the project is a journey into the female sensuality – alone and with a man. The Sensual art photography that portrays the naked body reveals a poetic … Read More


Aquamorphosis Aquamorphosis is an under water art project, where man and ocean melts together in a mythical underwater universe. In detail, Ingrid Bugge uses the underwater photography to show our emotional states. Especially feelings such as love, surrender, devotion, depression, joy … Read More


Stagn/ID˚ Stagn/ID is the result of an art photography collaboration with actress Charlotte Munck. The project is an investigation of mental states. Specifically, the way our psychological state affects our physical appearance. And how we make a first impression using our … Read More

Between the Lines

Between the Lines Between the Lines is a visual storytelling interpretation of seven selected quotes from Søren Kierkegaard’s writings. The photographic collages consist of underwater photographs of dancers and photographs of Søren Kierkegaard’s original writings. The combination of underwater photographs and … Read More

The Essence of Ballet

The Essence of Ballet In 2012 Nikolaj Hübbe invited Ingrid Bugge, to follow The Royal Danish Ballet so that she could create her soul-image of the ballet. Moments that would otherwise disappear. Nicolai experienced that her interpretations of the ballet created magical … Read More

The Soul of the Tree

  The Soul of the Tree Ever since a visit to remote Italian Cori, I have been fascinated by the mystique and stories about the olive trees. In like manner, the trunks and formations of these hundreds of years old olive … Read More