Cyclus Perm

Cyclus Perm is a unique art project with its heart around the cooperation with 6 principal dancers from the Russian Ballet. Bugge worked together with the dancers from the Perm Opera Ballet, on an interpretation of 7 ancient Christian wood sculptures. In detail, these sculptures represented 7 touch points from the bible about the story of salvation. Bugge created a choreography for the 7 touch points and worked for several days photographing and filming the dancers.
Back in Denmark Ingrid Bugge created 7 small xray icons that symbolizes the wood sculptures. Moreover, she created 7 bigger photographs by using different colour schemes in the art project. In detail, these colour schemes portray both the Christian colour symbolic and the Russian orthodox traditions for colour. Finally, she created 7 slowmotion videos that unfolds the movement and spirit in the 7 dances made for this project.
Cyclus Perm proves that a great story and artwork can come from cultural relations and understandings. In detail, Cyclus Perm occured in Russia. It was in association with Perm State Gallery and Perm Opera ballet that Cyclus Perm saw the light of day.
With the wooden sculptures as the main motives in Cyclus Perm, Ingrid Bugge reveals the sculptures inner dance.  A subtle wordless language that expresses itself through the dancers bodies. At the same time, revealing nuances and emotions that normally would be invisible, through her camera. Bugge focuses specifically on seven chosen sculptures and seven passages in the Holy Bible.
Perm State Art Gallery brings the Christian wooden sculptures to life through Ingrid Bugges work. Moreover, she works with the principal dancers from the Perm Opera Ballet.
Below are examples. Arrangements are available in the Gallery and postershop.

Protected by God’s Angels

Jesus 12 years

Jesus is Your Friend

Jesus looks into the Human Soul

My God, My God!

Sins of the World

It is Finished

The choir is a tool which composer Igor Mashukov and artist Ingrid Bugge use to communicate quotes from the bible. In other words, it is a form of storytelling that tells the harsh but divine messages. Furthermore  that is what the dancers show in Cyclus Perm from their interpretation of the quotes.

The human voice holds a simplicity and a physicality which brings the art piece closer to its viewer. The vocals are direct descendents of the soul. A pure and uncontaminated bond to the divine. The voice as a message, as a tool within creation.

The symbolism runs, as a silver lining through Bugge´s work in Cyclus Perm. The seven photo collages derived from the interpretations of the dancers. In detail, they include different color combinations in tradition with Russian icon making. As well as the prominent existence of colours in the bible.

The numbers and the three rooms

The numbers three and seven which recur in Cyclus Perm are not coincidental. This is because they convey the relation between the sculptures and the biblical phrases. They are powerful numbers that convey divinity. The three rooms create perfect symmetry similarly to the divine trinity by housing the three series. In each of the three rooms there are 7 pieces. In detail, 7 is a sign of wholeness and perfection. It represents the word of God such as the 7 days of creation and the 7 heavens.

In the main room there are photo collages accompanied by music and biblical quotes. Additionally video art pieces play repetitively in the side rooms.

At last this allows Cyclus Perm to construct a sensory universe that engage with all levels of body and mind.  The dance, in the video art, gives the viewer a language of emotion that touches the body. The photography creates the story and a detailed world that catch the eye. In the meantime music accompany our ears, by using pure vocals that touches the soul.

In Cyclus perm I seek to realize God´s presence through the stories, so that the modern viewer can feel them. Art is a method which makes people think. Think of life. Think of Spirit. Think in a new, unprecedented way.” – Ingrid Bugge