The Soul of the Tree

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Ever since a visit to remote Italian Cori, I have been fascinated by the mystique and stories about the olive trees. In like manner, the trunks and formations of these hundreds of years old olive trees tell the stories about them.

From that inspiration I created the art project, The Soul of the Tree. The mythical and biblical olive tree symbolizes love, peace and creation which I capture with my camera. Moreover, I visualize it through artworks of soulful olive trees seen in their beautiful surroundings.

My collaboration with Vigga Bro springs from a common fascination of trees, a fantasy about which creatures hide in the trees.” – Ingrid Bugge


The Soul of the Tree – art project

The Soul of the Tree is a multimedia project. It consists of visual collages and a limited edition art book that soon can be purchased. In detail, it includes stories that set frame to the project as well as 14 interpretations of The Soul of the Tree.

The art pieces exist in size 60×80 cm and come in prints on handmade elephant dung paper.

Below are examples. Arrangements are available in the Gallery. You can also get the art as a poster in Postershop.


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The Soul of the Tree – art book

For thousands of years, people have written tales and told stories about the soul of the olive tree. It has been mystified and entangled with symbolic meaning. The book about The Soul of the Tree reveals these stories, since they interfere between my pieces. Vigga Bro, a Danish actress wrote the stories about the olive trees. Printed on acid free elephant dung paper, this handmade artist book units images of the Olive tree.

The handmade book comes in 25 editions.