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A cross-over project between the worlds of astrophysics and art. Ingrid Bugge and astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen have come together to create VISIONARIUM 2014-2020.

Visionarium focuses on the near, the distant and the remote. It is an artistic study of the universe.

VISIONARIUM is a project primarily composed of photo-collages, using scientific documentary photographs from NASA and ESA. In short, VISIONARIUM is the abstraction of the universe which surrounds us, placed into a new visual framework to experience up close. Bugge is the artistic passenger on a journey through the exploration of the universe, which she then re-interprets into visual art, videos and sound-work.

Bugge’s interest in astrophysics has resulted in a collaboration between her and the internationally acclaimed professor and research scientist Anja C. Andersen from the Dark Cosmology Center, at the Niels Bohr Institute. Andersens unique knowledge about astrophysics has led her to function as guide in the beginning of the project – as well as being responsible for displaying a collection of astrophysical objects as a part of VISIONARIUMs first exhibition at the Niels Bohr Institute Archive. 

The formation of a star (much like the birth of a human being) is where the near and the distant come together. However, Bugge does not approach Visionarium with an astrophysical perspective but rather with an artistic. She studies the universe through aesthetic, poetic and narrative glasses. The project promises a saturation of the visual sense. As a part of the first exhibition, there is a lecture where the artist and collaborator gives the public insight into the beautiful world of astrophysics. This talk can also be requested for any future presentations. 

Collaborators in the project is the Niels Bohr Institute (Archive), and funding by Ernst B Sunds Fonden, Louis-Hansen Fonden and Poul Johansen Maskiner.

Overall, the project aims to bring outer space closer to the viewer. The search is for something that evokes recognition or puts the visual focus on fascinating phenomena, but in the more tangible, framed visual universe of the visual arts.

Below are examples. Arrangements are available in the Gallery. You can also get the art as a poster in Postershop.

Professor in Astrophysics Anja C. Andersen meet in the intersection between art and science. We inspire each others worlds and seek, in Visionarium, to open doors to a new way to see in to the universe” – Ingrid Bugge

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Pearls Of The Universe 130×80 cm

Sun 95×60 cm

Sounds Of The Solar System 95×60 cm

Interpretation Of The Sky (6/20 35×50 cm)


Reaching The Moon


Morphed Interpretations

Lung of The Universe
An Angel is Born
A Star Dissolves


Song of the Solar System