– Work in Progress –

Visionarium, which takes the near, the distant and the remote as its starting points, can be considered as an artistic interpretation of the universe. Connecting art and science, man and space, this photo collage art project is based on a fantasy universe and built around astrophysical consideration. It is a human quest for belonging in the infinite space.

A great personal interest has led to a collaboration between Ingrid Bugge and the internationally acclaimed research scientist Anja C. Andersen from the Dark Cosmology Center at Niels Bohr Institute, who, with her communication skills and unique knowledge regarding astrophysics, is the aviator in the preliminary phase. Ingrid is the passenger on a journey through the puzzling universe.

The formation of a star (much like the birth of a human being) is where the near and the impossibly distant come together. Ingrid Bugge does not approach Visionarium with an astrophysics perspective but rather with an artistic. She studies the universe with aesthetic glasses, poetic glasses and narrative glasses. Ingrid interprets the scientific, manipulating it into her visual world, bringing the outer space closer to the viewer, drawing the connective imaginary line through this pattern of similarity. What Ingrid searches for, is something that evokes recognition or something that puts puzzling processes in motion.

Visionarium is the abstraction of the universe which surrounds us, put into a new visual framework. The Visionarium photo collages is created with photos by NASA and ESA taken (amongst others) by the Hubble telescope.



“Professor in Astrophysics Anja C. Andersen meet in the intersection between art and science. We inspire each others worlds and seek, in Visionarium, to open doors to a new way to see in to the universe” – Ingrid Bugge

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