KLP Ejendomme

KLP Ejendomme – Cantina and Foyer The photo art decoration at KLP Ejendomme in Ørestaden, Copenhagen, is a two-piece artwork. I have worked with the cantina and foyer area, which I renamed “The Glade” and “Monet’s Garden”. On my first visit … Read More

Diabetes Association

Danish Diabetes Association This decoration project consists of photographs from my art project The Essence of Ballet. The Danish Diabetes Association asked me to choose 10 photographs from the series, which represented the body and it’s sensitivity. The dancers strength, … Read More

The Royal Danish Theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre This photo decoration project for The Royal Danish Theatre consists of two photographs from the art project The Essence of Ballet. The first one is of solo dancer Gudrun Bojesen, she plays the mother in the … Read More

Silkeborg Business College

Silkeborg Business College This project is an art decoration of Silkeborg Business College. The aim is to strengthen the unity of the school community, reflect its global presence and create space for creative reflection. The project rethinks some of the key … Read More


Surrender The decoration project Surrender consists of eight large photographic collages. Additionally, you can see the project in the nave vault of Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen. Ingrid Bugge was the first artist, who gained access to exhibit in Grundtvig’s Church’s nave. The … Read More

Poul Johansen Maskiner

Poul Johansen Maskiner The photo decoration project for Poul Johansen Maskiner (company) consists of three pieces, which were all created especially for the occasion. The pieces have their roots in the art project The Essence of Ballet. For instance there … Read More

Words of Mathematics

Words of Mathematics Words of Mathematics is an art decoration project that Bugge made in 2013. It was for the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Generally, the project challenges the traditional way of communicating mathematics by … Read More