KLP Ejendomme – Cantina and Foyer

The photo art decoration at KLP Ejendomme in Ørestaden, Copenhagen, is a two-piece artwork where I have worked with the cantina and foyer area, which I renamed “The Glade” and “Monet’s Garden”.  On my first visit I discovered that the building has a lot of qualities, which makes you think about nature and forest glades and therefore I found it natural to implement them in the decoration. Among the qualities are the natural light, the timbering, the water, and the organic shapes.

The focus in both areas was to add value to the existing features. I incorporated and highlighted nature and light colors, and in that way, created a free and creative space for the workers of the company and others; places where they can relax, take a well-deserved break or interact in an informal way.

Cantina – The Glade

In the cantina I created the decoration having the word “glade” in mind, as it reminded me of a quiet place, which is full of life, calmness and gives room for reflection. The idea was to put in play some of the emotions you experience, when you stand in a forest glade – a place you look for, when you need to ease your mind. Here, the workers can go when they need to rest and recharge the batteries, or it can function as a place where they find inspiration and exchange ideas and thoughts. It is also an open space where KLP can host events, parties, meetings, etc.

Foyer – Monet’s Garden

In order to enter the foyer, you are forced to cross a small bridge, and that makes me think of the Garden of Monet and his famous painting of the bridge, surrounded by weeping willow trees. Monet’s garden is a place where the elements water, sky and plants meet – a graceful place where colorful flowers are blooming.

The purpose is to create a welcoming first impression. The foyer is the first thing you see, when you arrive at KLP Ejendomme, and therefore I have worked with creating a welcoming and poetic space. The windows, both outer and inner, have been covered with foils of trees and plants, which contributes to a vivid environment.