Poul Johansen Maskiner

The photo decoration project for Poul Johansen Maskiner (company) consists of three pieces, which were all created especially for the occasion. The pieces have their roots in the art project The Essence of Ballet.

For instance there is a connection between the dance of ballet’s’ elegant dancing movements and  Poul Johansens Maskiner. The thought is that the photo decoration project will affect the workers in a positive way. It gives them an experience of beauty, as well as being an abstract reflection of the work.



“We have worked with Ingrid Bugge on a decoration for one of our halls. After visiting and speaking with us, Ingrid Bugge managed to understand who we were as a company. From that she sent us several different suggestions. Finally, the result became a beautiful and inspiring “reverse reflection” of the products we create. At the same time, reminding us what humans can do, when they try their very best – physically and mentally.”  

– Henrik Steen Andersen, CEO Poul Johansen Maskiner