Silkeborg Business College

This project is an art decoration of Silkeborg Business College. The aim is to strengthen the unity of the school community, reflect its global presence and create space for creative reflection. The project rethinks some of the key architectural characteristics of the school such as its facilities for social interaction. In particular, the Game Room and the Relaxation Room. Likewise the school’s tower and main entrance. 

I interpret the school’s core values and represent them visually on the walls, facades and floors of the school. Below you find sketches of room decorations and proposals for facade and entrance decoration that adorn the walls.

First step of the decoration of Silkeborg Business College


“I have known Ingrid Bugge for 1 ½ years after she held an exhibition at the art museum Silkeborg Bad. A very long frieze was made with several of Ingrid’s fantastic ballet pictures. We had a constructive and quick dialogue with Ingrid about reusing the frieze, which was subsequently placed in one of our school yards. In connection with the placement of elements from the frieze, we had several talks with Ingrid, after which we started a collaboration on decorating various spaces and environments at the school. Working with her has been incredibly rewarding. Ingrid’s enthusiasm, professionalism and incredible sense of detail and respect for our environments and visions have given us many ideas as to how our school and learning environments may appear both more exciting and more professional.”

– Torben Jessen, CEO, Silkeborg Business College