The Essence of Ballet – Artbook


The art book is a rare and fascinating window to the enchanting world of ballet with 63 photographic collages over The Royal Danish Ballet and interviews with ballet master Nikolaj Hübbe, writer and ballet reviewer Erik Aschengreen and photographer Lars Schwander.

Nikolaj Hübbe describes poetically three important events in his life as a ballet dancer and as Artistic Director of The Royal Danish Ballet. Erik Aschengreen tells the story of his lifelong fascination and love for the ballet and how he made ballet his profession. Lars Schwander, the founder of Fotografisk Center, describes the art of photography and ballet and how Ingrid Bugge’s photographs occupy a space in between the two. As an appendix Ingrid Bugge tells about her encounter with the ballet and about the artistic process behind the art project. The purpose of this book is to accompany the reader into the poetic nerve of the ballet, its soul and its presence. The Essence of Ballet addresses those who, much like the contributors to this book, are fascinated by or perhaps in love with the poetic essence of the ballet.




Pages: 138
Format: 34 x 30 cm
Language: both Danish and English
Hardcover with an extra plastic cover