Good portraits DO make a difference. Whether you wish to advance in your career as an actor, musician, dancer, or writer. As well as if you need a professional and personal portrait for LinkedIn or Facebook.


Vintage photography

Portrait Photography

Through the years, Ingrid Bugge has taken photographs of many different types of people. From business men/women to portraits of professional dancers, actors and writers. Her portraits have won international prizes and she has delivered photographs for   Weekendavisen, Euroman,  Lego, Gyldendal,   Det Kongelige Teater, New Scientist, Gaffa, Scientific American and Businessweek.

Prices from 1800 DKK + VAT (for 1 person). Please send an e-mail for more information and booking.


Wedding Photography

First of all when photographing a wedding, Bugge’s most important task is to capture your memories with her camera.  As a photographer she approaches the wedding as a romantic reportage. Together with her, you will agree on the photographic angle and she will focus on the important moments during the wedding.

Prices from 3.000 -10.000 DKK + VAT. 

Family Photography

Prices from 2.500 DKK+ VAT. (for 2 persons) and upwards depending on the size of your family.

Stage Art Photography