About Ingrid


Ingrid Bugge is a danish visual artist that promises to pull you into her world of fascination, examination and re-interpretation of culture, people and creatures. She welcomes you into a world through carefully framing and shifting focus onto aspects of a subject using her camera and editing using drawing and digital manipulation. As a result of her creative process, the art itself has an ethereal effect and a “haunting beauty” quality that makes it very memorable.

Vision & Process

Bugges projects are often long studies, where she uses her camera as a research tool to capture her subjects. Her focus is on researching and collecting photographs, rather than a desire to stage and capture the perfect image. In other words, her works show the unique insights, gained from hours of in-depth research, and her own passion for certain themes — f. ex ballet, the body, poetry, visual storytelling and movement.

Her choice of making collages, using traditional art materials on top of her printed photographs, is a secondary process. These choices often anchor her work on a tactile plane and creates intriguing contrast between poetic beauty and a sense of realness. She wants her art to be alive and alluring, in order to tug at the viewers curiosity.


“To me, it is important to work together with others, including institutions and businesses, that care about depicting real subjects, but through a poetic visual language, to create interesting and impactful art. I aim to ensure all creative projects are a joy to produce, and everyone involved is happy they participated and learned something from the experience. ” — Ingrid Bugge, 2019.

“I wish to explore different kinds of photography in the future, one of them being fashion photography: to create and play with the visual worlds that brands live in. I think fashion fascinates me because of the creativity, but mostly because it is about the body, beauty, movement and visual storytelling. I am also actively seeking new collaborations with the performing arts and portrait photography.”  — Ingrid Bugge, 2019.

Early influences

“The renaissance painters’ techniques inspire my work… their ability to manipulate light and darkness as well as their passion for dense expression amazes me. I love how Rodin captures emotion in his sculptures, and the human figure. A photographer that inspires me a lot is Henri Henri Cartier Bresson because of his ability to capture and create a poetic layer via movement, and the sheer beauty of his work.” — Ingrid Bugge, 2019.

International mentions

“The Essence of Ballet” was the beginning of her international artistic journey and was recognised world wide. In 2014 it was covered on BBC world, CNN, The Guardian, Gulf News and many more outlets. The exhibition received critical acclaim and it inspired Ingrid to further her love of ballet.

Bugge then creates another well received visual project with a ballet theme. “Cyclus Perm” is a collaboration with the Russian Perm Opera Ballet, and the Perm State Art Gallery, which was exhibited at the State Art Gallery in Russia, 2017.

In 2017 Bugge was invited by Scandinavian Arts & Crafts Hokuonotakumi to exhibit her work “Between the Lines” in Tokyo, Japan, to represent Denmark. The exhibition featured selected scandinavian artists to celebrate the institutions 150 years of diplomatic collaboration.

Her project “The Soul of the Tree” was exhibited in Toronto, Canada, in 2018. The project was created in collaboration with danish actress and writer Vigga Bro. The olive tree studies were done in Cori, Italy, together with locals.

In 2019 selected artworks were displayed at world renowned sculpture/floral artist Tage Andersens castle Gunillaberg, Bottnaryd, Sweden.

See her CV for more solo and group exhibitions.

She is actively looking for potential collaborations and if you have any questions, you can contact her directly via info@ingridbugge.com.

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